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        Eternal (Guangdong) Tech Electric Co., Ltd, was established in 1993 and located at Foshan, Shunde, the kingdom of home appliance manufacture in chinaEternal Group is a large export-oriented joint venture company, which was specialized in research& develop, design, manufacture and sales of the kitchen appliances.With global system in modernize manufacture and business operation system, 
        Coffee Machine、Electric Kettle、Set Electric Kettle、Tea Maker、Electric Stove、Bean Milk Machine、Vegetable Juicer、Baby Care Product、Boiled Water Bottle...
        2011 [2010-12-29]
        旅游之行、集体相伴----记亿龙2010… [2010-06-21]
        迎中秋,庆团圆--记亿龙公司举办中… [2010-09-27]
        我司喜获顺德最高质量信用等级认定… [2009-08-10]
        亿龙与你一起成长--记亿龙公司8月8… [2010-12-18]
        “合作、双赢、共创辉煌”------亿… [2010-06-08]
        New products Warranty
        Capsule Coffee Machine Warranty
        Electric Kettle Warranty
        ETERNAL (GUANG DONG) TECH ELECTRIC CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved  粤ICP备11080486号-1

        ADD:B5, Longzhou Road, Longjiang Residential Committee, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City,Guangdong Province
        TEL:0757-23882678 E-mail:sales@china-eternal.com

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