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        R & D structure

        Departments Functions
        Product Development New Product Development
        Product Design
        Electronic function design
        Product appearance / structure / function of the production model
        Department of Industrial Design Product design
        Advertising Graphic Design / Graphic Design Packaging
        Patent search, patent applications
        Product Engineering Test mode, to mode, pilot production, testing, certification, packaging and structural design
        Department of Plastic Mould Manufacturing / improved plastic mold
        Ministry of metal mold Manufacturing / modified Mould
        Central Laboratory Product Safety Test
        Product Certification
        Product life testing
        TüV RHEINLAND And the ITS central laboratory in my field safety test

        R & D results

         * Made a number of design patents, a number of utility model patents.
         * The 2002 (Beijing) issued by China International Household Appliances Exhibition
          2 Industrial Design Progress Award, two awards of industrial design modeling.
         * Obtained GS / EMC / CE safety certification, ETL / CETL safety certificate,
          UL / CUL safety certification, 3C safety certification.


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